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Dancing Feet


Yoga is mindfulness based movement. We can do the same pose again and again and it wont ever be the same pose. In every Yoga class we get to know ourself from a different angle. That is how
Yoga moves me. When ever I step on my mat,
I get to know my self and I start again at the very beginning.
Hand Reaching Out
We hold patterns in our mind and in our body. Movement can release and make us aware of our pattern. The physical and the mental aspects are not separate from each other, they shape our experience.

Based on that, we can re-shape our reality. 
Leg Stretch_edited.jpg
The pose is expressing your story. The whole body is narrating your story. The breath offers rhythm and depth, release and a deep flowing energy stream. It is a complex as it is really beautifully simple.
Yoga Block
Accessible movement becomes a joyful experience as it has well-being in focus, rather then a perfect pose. The inner conversation, between the mind and your  whole physical and energetic being is my focus. It leads to an experience of embodiment or a sense of being one with what is. 


Every time you step on your mat, Yoga offers you the chance to beginn again. And in that sense I offer you a beginning. 
In my 1:1 session I aim to meet you where you are, 
and for that a quick chat is helpful. Kindly book your free 15min call so we can get to know each other. 
You can book one class or a package of several classes, you can decide that any time. 

I offer private online classes all through the year and 
in-person classes when ever Im in Switzerland

at Metta Well-Being

A private session via Zoom à 60 mins  100 USD
A private session in person à 60 min 120 USD

My Yoga practice has changed and evolved with me. Its a fluid exchange of information, which leads to a gentle transformation of body and mind. After shifting to the wild forests of central India in 2008, my practice became the medium for expression. The inner communication helped me to stay grounded and mentally at ease. 

That is when my interest in mind-body - connection started to grow. Yoga is not about the pose and yet it is all in the pose. 

I practice to find union within my and energetic alignment. 

I am deeply grateful to have this tool  

while walking through this life. 


Life is quite a whirlwind of challenges presented to us. The challenges meet inner thought processes, opinions, pains and counter storms. The philosophy of Yoga helps me to stay grounded and keep walking with a sense of curiosity and the ability to laugh about my limited self. 
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