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Frozen Branch


I am many things and yet I am actually nothing at all.
I believe in the unlimited expansion and
processual nature of our being and every day I begin again, learning to meet myself and my surroundings with love and compassion.

I long for roots, not wings, yet I am lucky to call several countries and places my “home.”

Home is Flame of the Forest in Kanha National Park in India, where I have lived with my husband for over 16 years.

I also call Mumbai my home, we have family in Mumbai and soul sisters who are very close to my heart.
It is a city with a creative - chaotic nature that I appreciate and from which I learn a huge amount, because she pushes me mercilessly to my limits.

Home is Switzerland, where my immediate family and many dear friends live, without whom I would never be able to live my life the way I do now.
The thoughts of my family and friends fill my heart with deep gratitude.
My heart project Metta Well-Being is also in Switzerland and provides meaning and support.

There is a lot to do and yet nothing is more important than arriving in the here and now.
We never know when we will take our last breath,
so there is a certain urgency to do what we really care about.

Thank you for being on my website and take the time to read this far. I really hope that we can get to know each other on day. Heartfelt greetings


Im looking forward meeting you. 
Whatsapp +91 888 98 562 99
  • Diplomierte Pflegefachfrau DN II / Nurse (Switzerland)
  • Certified Naturopath (Germany)
  • Ayurveda Massage ( Switzerland )
  • Reiki Master Dr. Mikao Usui (India)
  • Pranic Healing Associate (Ochre tree India in Association with USA) 
  • Access bar (Ochre Tree India in Association with USA) 
  • Bachflowers (Switzerland) 
  • Yoga Teacher 500h (The Yoga Institute India)
  • Yoga Teacher 500h (My Vinyasa Practice)
  • Breath Coach (YogaTeachers College and Ralph Skuban))
  • EMYoga Teacher (Energy Medicine Yoga Teacher by Lauren Walker)
  • Breath Work Facilitator (Alchemy of Breath)
  • Essentielle Psychotherapy (Institute für Essentielle Psychologie
  • In Training SE Professional (somatic Experiencing)
  • In Training Energetic Facilitator (Andrea Stäger)
  • In Training Spinal Energetics
  • I receive spiritual guidance form Tilmann Borghardt (Ekayana institute)
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