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There are days when we need help and there are days, when we can provide help. For all of us, it is a constant shift between these two states, of providing and receiving.

With this platform I aim to reach out and provide #support or I would rather say, I have the privilege to walk with you for a little while. What I would like to offer is attentive listening, #honesty, a diverse portfolio of #Energetic #Healing tools, a sincere practice of #meditation and #pranayama and a bit of life experience.

My path, like every path of a human being, has had quite a few rough patches. I faced the pretty and the ugly side of my self many times and kind of learned to love them equally. Light shows its most stunning beauty, while shining through the deepest darkness. I truly believe, we all carry a breathtaking light within our heart and I would love to help you connect with your light, protect it, stand up for it and make it outshine the world.

Faith is not clinging to a rock. Faith is learning to swim” Alan Watts

Most likely we will have to learn swimming several times in our life. And for each time we attempt to learn it again, life offers a new way of teaching it to us.

A few of my favorite teachers have been #mothernature #mybreath #meditation #silence #yoga #life and of course family and friends from around the globe.

If my healing tools, my yoga practice and breath work can be of service to your light, then please do get in touch with me.

Much love





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