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Updated: Jul 3, 2021

I always got pulled towards #Essentialoils, their fragrance and their #healing qualities.

But it was only during the severe illness of my Father, followed by his passing, and the time following after he passed away, when I truly realised the power of these oils.

I would like to share with you my experiences. I got so deeply touched, elevated, carried and nourished by them, hence I wish for you to get to know them too.

Today let me introduce you to my personal guardian Angel : Frankincense (Weihrauch)

I knew the fragrance of this Angel from the church during my childhood. Later when I started to travel to #India and spent time in temples, ashrams and other holy places, the fragrance was omnipresent.

During the intense time of my fathers illness, he was suffering from skin infections, a side effect of chemo therapies. To witness his discomfort and struggle with the infection was heart breaking.

As a last resource we used frankincense as a topical ointment with a carrier oil and he found ease and healing. We were pleasantly astonished.

This was my first experience of the enormous healing power this Oil offers.

#Frankincense is: antiseptic, anti inflammatory, anti viral, antioxidant and has a similar effect like cortisone but with no side effects.

This of course explains the effect it has on my fathers skin.

To deal with the loss, the grief and the sadness after losing such a loved person like my father was, was not easy. I needed support, time and space to grieve. Sadly none of it was available to me, cause life moved on so quickly and intensely, I had to function rather then deal with my emotions.

I was lost and tried to hold on to what ever was available.

On a psychological level Frankincense helps to let go of lower vibrations and negativity, the fragrance supports a spiritual approach to life, to see and experience the greater purpose of all there is. This might sound a bit high up in the clouds, I agree. But the Oil did just that for me.

It helped me to meet the void, feel the loss without getting consumed by it.

I could get closer to the idea, that my Dad was ok, maybe even happy in the place he was now.

I got the courage to look at his illness from a different angle, and I saw what all he managed and how strong the bond within my family was. What ever might happen, we will be able to face it together. I used the oil just as fragrance, smelled it again and again during the day and placed a drop on my crown chakra. I was then able to function during the day and meet the tasks I had to, yet internally digest and see the larger picture of life.

I could let go of the intensity of all the turbulent emotions.

I could reconnect to my spiritual believe.

I saw the light in the moment without disrespecting the darkness.

If ever you are in need of a Guardian Angel, Frankincense is an Oil full of light.

With love




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