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Energetic work is a vibrational form of providing support, release and regeneration to your body and mind. 
Every thing that we can grasp with our senses, has an energetic signature. This signature or vibration can be influenced and regenerated if needed. 
There are different schools which offer training and mastering of energetic work. I am a Reiki master, an associate Pranic Healer, I work with Access Bars and quantum healing. But all of it boils down to an intuitive form vibrational work.  
I experience this work as very subtle, and yet the changes are profound and tangible.
White Flowers


Energy work is for everyone who feels an inner calling, to improve health and well-being. 
It can be done over distance and even thou it is based on the trust between therapist and client,
energy work is not built on faith and believe. It is very much a tangible treatment, 
which can improve your overall life and well-being. 
Reiki Therapy


  • Do you feel there is a possibility to improve your current situation? Are you mentally exhausted, or do you have a physical problem?  Is there an iner knowing, that life would have much more to offer you?
  • Get in touch with me
  • We fix time & date 
  • We meet in Person or in a virtual space
  • We evaluate your situation, your intentions and wishes 
  • We embark on a  journey together

Distant Healing session
à 90min  I  150 USD

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