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Breath work and pranayama are not the same. In a breath work session, we are continuously breathing in a circular way
for 30-40 mins. The inhalation directly flows into the exhalation and the exhalation flows into the inhalation. It is an intense form of breathing, which can lead to a release of old, trapped energy within in the body. It provides access and it releases deeper layers of sensations and experiences
we subconsciously hold on to.
A breath work session can provide access to a transcendental experience. But more often it leads to a deep feeling of ease and lightness. Your highest good is the centre of this deeply personal session. 



I offer sessions on Zoom and in person, if thats possible. 
It is a one-to-one session, guided by music and followed by a sharing session to understand the experience on a deeper level. The session is a bout 1.5h, that gives room for the grounding introduction, the actual breath sessions (30-40mins) and the sharing at the end. 

The next day I do an energetic post alignment. 
This work happens from my side, you will only receive the information of conclusion. 
Eyes Closed


A breath work session is for you, if you want to
1. Explore deeper
2. If you wish to let go, of what no longer serves you
3. If you dont feel well, but you cant pick why. 


We speak over a 30min free phone call. 
I explain you who I am and what I do. If there is a mutual base of respect and connection, I will send you a little questionnaire
to get to know you better. 

After that we find a suitable time and date and we embark on a journey together. 

Zoom session à 1.5h  I  150 USD
In person session à 1.5h  I  180 USD

If you are interested to book a session, 
or if you wish to get further information
kindly send me an email. 
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