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This program is about your connection to your breath and how to use it, in your everyday life. The breath is the bridge between mind and body. It is closely connected to the autonomic nervous system and hence is reacting to every input coming from the inner and the outer world. That means we can use the breath, to regulate the nervous system.  
Spiritual Meditation


This month is dedicated to empower you.
Together we assess your breath and your current life situation. You will receive recorded breath sessions for you to keep and practice at home. After this month you are equipped with breath tools to support your wish to live an empowered life. 


1. We start with a coaching and assessment session of 1h via Zoom  

2. Weekly meetings for 60mins, your space to share and practice  

3. You receive weekly voice memos with 10min practices 

4. You receive two 30mins recorded practices for your to keep worth

5. End of the month round up session 
If you need any more information or further assistance,
I am happy to be of service to you.

480 USD

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