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Akasha means ether. 
Is it the most subtle of all elements and it penetra
all there is. The Akashic records are the memory of the Universe,
also called the library of the Universe. 
Everything there ever was is stored in these records. 

A reading can provide deep insights into the story
of your life and shed light on resolutions in your current life. 

Traditional Library


A reading session takes 1 - 1.5h
Together we look into your question or pattern and receive the answers from your records. It is a process we will be going through. Layer by layer we aim to get a deeper understanding to what is the
root story of the question/ pattern you came with. 

If it is important for the resolution of your
core issue, we might get insights into
your past life experiences. 

We round up the session with clear tools and practical recommendations for your present life. 

This session will support you on your path
of self-care and self-development.


An Akashic Record Reading is not 
telling you what to do and what not do to.
It is not a prophecy or a forecast of your future. The power to take a decision is always yours. The future has an uncountable number of possible manifestations. The reading simply provides insights for you to understand deeper connections. 
Frozen Berries
Night Skies


If you are interested to look deeper
into a problem or a pattern of your life,
If you would like to let go and release 

what no longer serves you, 
through and Akashic Record Reading
send me an Email and we get on
a free introductory call of 15mins.

If you feel a resonance during the call
we can fix a time and date and
meet online or in Person
depending on the availability. 

Cost per reading 150 USD

im looking forward to meet you



The reading gave me access to topics that were previously unavailable to me. Professional and sensitive,

Isa opened the door to a world that gave me a glimpse into a past life.

 I received valuable answers that help mer to understand my current situation in a better way. I recommend a Reading to anyone who is open to it and looking for answers. I am very thankful for this experience.


I came to Isa with an old question which narrowed my view and blocked my well-being. The reading gave me insights into a past life which resonated so much with me, that I could undoubtedly identify with it. I received understanding and a broader point of view.

I could see my current situation with fresh eyes and through this I knew what I where I went wrong and what I had to change in my approach. 

I am deeply grateful for this session. 


The reading came unexpected to me, over a friend, who knew Isa. 

I was in a stuck state with no expectations but in need of help. The reading opened a door to a past life. I have never met Isa before and hence I was amazed by the depth and truth she could reveal in this reading. It was so emotional. I got insights, new questions and tools to implement in my every day life. I totally recommend an akashic records reading with Isa. Totally unexpected, deeply emotional and revealing on an other level.

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